Huawei was not labeled a risk, says PPF

11.04.2019 - EB

In direct contradiction to what Pres. Miloš Zeman said recently on TV Barrandov, Vladimír Mlynář of PPF told Czech TV last night that Petr Kellner's company has signed no contracts with Huawei. PPF and Huawei have only a general, nonbinding memorandum, he said. What this means, given that O2 and Cetin already use Huawei equipment, is hard to comprehend. Why would a president with such close ties to Kellner spread fake news about PPF's dealings? Mlynář did nothing to resolve this rebus, and he spread some fake news of his own by saying that Huawei was not labeled in the CR as a risk. He read a line from the NÚKIB warning of Dec. 17 but skipped the most important one: "Warning: The use of technical or program tools of the following companies, including their subsidiary companies, poses a threat to the cyber security." The companies are Huawei and ZTE. PPF, as the third main company at issue here, is digging itself deeper into a hole of its own creation.

Glossary of difficult words

dealings - business relations or transactions;

rebus - puzzle.

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