ČSSD a.s. and Czech press freedom

17.05.2017 - EB

ČSSD controls roughly 75% of the Czech media, as we first wrote in July of last year, and this more than anything - even more than Andrej Babiš's influence over MFD - is determining the level of press freedom in the CR. No debate in the EU Parliament could be complete without addressing ČSSD's media role. A small percentage of Czech journalists and analysts fully understand that they are instruments of what we call ČSSD a.s., and they are compensated for their loyalty to the commercial interests at stake. Most rank-and-file journalists aren't privy to the agreements and don't share in the spoils. Even more clueless are the voters who think this is a battle of right vs. wrong. They have been hoodwinked by one side or the other. Thanks to the ČSSD-controlled media, everyone knows the risks to the CR associated with Babiš. Thanks also to the ČSSD-controlled media, few people understand the risks associated with those who most oppose him.

Glossary of difficult words

rank-and-file - the ordinary members of an organization as opposed to its leaders;

privy to - sharing in the knowledge of (something secret or private);

spoils - goods stolen or taken forcibly from a person or place;

clueless - having no knowledge, understanding, or ability;

to hoodwink - to deceive or trick.

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