Vaccinated and eliminated

20.07.2021 - EB

Although he is fully vaccinated, Olympic beach-volleyball player On­dřej Perušič must be in isolation in Tokyo, because he tested positive for the coronavirus. If you believe the disinformation of Health Min. Adam Vojtěch, the probability of this happening was either 0.06% or 0.10%, depending on when Perušič received the second dose. Vojtěch's numbers are disinformation because very few fully inoculated Czechs are tested. In most cases they are specifically exempt from testing, and they usually aren't included in the statistics unless they show symptoms. When testing in schools was mandatory, the positive rate was 0.038% for children and 0.033% for employees. The latest 7-day incidence rate tracked by the health ministry is 0.015%. All of these numbers are far below Vojtěch's misleadingly low figure for the percentage of vaccinated people who test positive. Statistically speaking, Perušič would have had a much better chance of playing in Tokyo if he had never been vaccinated.

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