Nečas had Nagyová, Sobotka had Pokorný

21.09.2021 - EB

Ex-Vice PM Karolína Peake told MFD magazine in March 2014 that the central figure of the government of PM Petr Nečas was the head of his office, Jana Nagyová. "For the first time," MFD wrote then, "we are learning directly from a cabinet member the extent to which Nagyová, a mere government worker, got out of the control of politicians and how much power she was able to amass." Peake indicated that it was Nagyová who saw to her firing after just eight days as defense minister. Now, for the first time, readers of Lidové noviny are learning directly from a member of the government of Bohuslav Sobotka the degree to which Radek Pokorný, a mere non-lobbyist, got out of the control of politicians and how much power he was able to amass. Ex-Industry Min. Jan Mládek said in court in late-Aug. that Pokorný was Sobotka's "external brain" and that anyone who angered Pokorný was eventually finished in politics. Pokorný, it seems, was Sobotka's Nagyová with testosterone.

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to amass - to gather together or accumulate (a large amount or number of material or things) over a period of time.

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