Czechs go one higher with #JusticniMeToo

21.01.2019 - EB

Actor Kevin Spacey (or should we say former actor?) went on trial earlier this month on charges of groping a young man who says that he was starstruck and just wanted a picture to post on Instagram. The young man waited to report the incident until after the #MeToo movement emerged. Similarly, ex-Chief Justice Josef Baxa of the Supreme Administrative Court waited to complain to the media about how Pres. MiloŇ° Zeman reproached him for some of the decisions of his court until after Zeman had made it clear that Baxa would not be appointed to head the Constitutional Court. While the seduction process was still occurring, Baxa made no such accusations. In this way, what might be called #JusticniMeToo has something in common with its American namesake: Allegations that are difficult to prove are being made long after the fact as part of some sort of revolution in society. Czechs, by putting top-level judges in the lead, are taking it to a new level.

Glossary of difficult words

to go (one) higher - to increase or improve on something by an incremental degree;

to grope - to fondle (someone) for sexual pleasure roughly or clumsily, or without the person's consent;

starstruck - fascinated or greatly impressed by someone famous people, esp. someone connected with cinema or theater;

to reproach - to express to (someone) one's disapproval of or disappointment in his or her actions;

seduction - to entice (someone) into sexual or other activity;

to take the lead - to accept responsibility for dealing with a situation;

to take something to a new level - to modify or improve on something.

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